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League of Legends

Postby MazGhost on Thu Jun 03, 2010 6:46 pm

Yes, the game sucks... Yes, it's buggy... But it is a whole lot of fun most of the time. Oh, and it's as free as you want it to be. Hey, long time no speak peeps. The game revolves around 5vs5 or 3vs3 random matches, though you can arrange a team of 2-5 yourself and maybe you'll go against another team? Maybe you'll go against an arranged 3-man with two randoms. The game works a whole lot easier over teamspeak of course. Just wondering who might be interested in such a game?

As for game type for those who have never heard of it: Solo char RTS with both teams having an infinate spawn of non controllable minions. Upgrades come in the form of IP spent runes (IP are points for winning/taking part) of which you get two pages to mess around with. Masteries, which are also set up before a match even starts, and you get one point to place per level (up to 30) into an upgrade tree. And in match items lost upon win/lose bought with gold for getting last hits on minions, creatures, or players. Last hit is very important in this game...

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Re: League of Legends

Postby Joosebug on Sun Jun 06, 2010 1:51 pm


LoL is great :D

me and Maz are both lvl 30 and have been ages :P haha.

its one of those remakes of DotA like HoN but LoL has a much more user friendly and cartoony style, very easy to get the hang of and rotates free characters each week so u don't have to pay for heros straight away. =)
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