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Postby TheBrook on Mon Jun 28, 2010 3:03 pm

Sad to say/see that TF2 has ended. It was fun while it lasted, and realised how exciting it was being 'spanked' week in and week out..yet we carried on!

A new chapter has arisen in the EEF TEE DEE World....L4D2!!

So, what I am looking is for L4D1 to still be available for Monday nights, and L4D2 to take over TF2 Sunday nights.

Where do we go from now? Well..I am going to stay as clan leader for both L4D + L4D2, will do the match organising and the leading...
We have Golem & Mazghost as my Co-Leader (until they resign). I may look at giving someone else the match organising if they have the time (if you're interested, let me know).

I am hoping we can limit Monday nights down to 4 players, but I would quite like to see a A + B team for the L4D2. Will be doing some recruiting in the next couple of weeks for fresh, skillful players.

On a good night for TF2 we were getting nearly 8. So I would like to see two teams.

If you are interested in joining either clan, please send me a private PM, for now I am waiting for Golem to create a new faction :)

Bring on the new era!!
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Re: Changes...

Postby king_clueless on Mon Jul 12, 2010 8:16 pm

Well the summer season is still burning on and hence a lack on game time for me.

I'm still keen tho guys and if I get something setup well with FTD then the wife to be can stay off my back about gaming too much ¬_¬

Not sure I fit into the skillful players idea but always enthusiastic tho :P
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