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Bad boy GFX

Postby ragnor on Tue Jul 14, 2009 7:13 pm

Was looking at investing in a new GFX before the next lan. Found this bad boy on OC.

Anyone got a cool Grand to blow on a GFX?

- Core Clock: 2x 648MHz
- Memory: 4096MB GDDR3
- Memory Clock: 2484MHz (Effective)
- Memory Interfaces: Dual 512-Bit
- Processing Cores: 480
- Shader Clock: 1476MHz
- Bus Type: PCI-Express 2.0
- Display Connectors: 2x Dual-Link DVI-I
- HDCP Capable
- DirectX 10 Support
- OpenGL 3.0 Support
- PhysX Enabled
- CUDA Enabled
- Warranty: 3 Years
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Re: Bad boy GFX

Postby Gilarin on Tue Jul 14, 2009 8:34 pm

looks like an old VHS cassette. Personally I would look at getting a radeon 4870x2. If you can crossfire on your board i would recommend going 2x4870 awesome bang for your buck at the moment. I see there are 4890's out now not sure what the differences are! take a look on Toms hardware and Hardocp for comparisons. Toms has a great article every month linking best cards to price range.
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Re: Bad boy GFX

Postby codemunkeh on Tue Jul 14, 2009 9:29 pm

Been recommended a Sapphire Radeon 4850 with 512MB (or the 1GB version if you have a resolution measured in gigapixels). Except I ain't buying one anytime soon...
(Sapphire add real cooling to the cards they make which is a big plus)
(Ever had an ultra cool birthday card? :lol:)
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Re: Bad boy GFX

Postby Gilarin on Wed Jul 15, 2009 11:35 am

Im currently using first gen 4870 512mb and there have been very games I cant crank up the settings and run at pretty close to full spec. No matter what pics show you theres a point that graphics only look so good. Love the card and I havent even got to Oc'ing it yet to push that bit extra out of it. Personallay spend a bit less cause in the next year both Nvidia and AMD are gonna release their integrated CPU/VGA cards on the same bus and graphics cards are gonna change again.

I am starting to hate techcnology roadmaps and how quickly they are moving on. Missed the I7 CPU press release news by a month when building last PC. :(
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