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    Duelling Ladder and Training News

    Current winning streaks

  • +9  Golem

  • Latest Results

  • RoundUp vs Joosebug

    No results for this duel.

  • Ragnor vs Golem

    • On Nucleus Arena as Demoman - Ragnor: 10 Golem: 6
    • On Duel2 as Scout - Ragnor: 5 Golem: 10

    • Aggregate Scoring! Ragnor: 15 Golem: 16

  • Joosebug vs RoundUp

    No results for this duel.

  • Upcoming Duels

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    Updated Player Profiles

  • 14th Jun '14: Ragnor

    An eldar deity trained by military forces, what could be a more dangerous concept? :) Ragnor works hard at training, follows orders, makes sensible suggestions and never gives up...

  • 5th Apr '13: Kanonfodda

    As a man who cannot take a firm hold of reality, KanonFodda has convinced himself that it's all just a very immersive collection of paintings, and that his fantasy lives are all real...

    Kanonfodda says: I'm glad that says "of Q3F leadership duty" above, or it could look really bad.... now, where did I put my spanner?

  • 3rd Mar '12: MazGhost

  • See the full active roster

    Latest Map Updates

  • Mach4 - a DUEL map!

    Small CTF map. A port from previous versions of Fortress. A quick fun map where combat is just around the corner. Watch the water!

    Download ctf_mach4

  • Doublecross

    Medium CTF map.

  • Stag CP

    Big CP map. Five point CP map based on the classic 2stag map from previous Fortress games.

    Download cp_stag

  • Go to the links page for more maps

FTDNew FTD Video

FTDAdvanced Warfare App details]
This year, the app focuses on an enhanced Clan Wars experience, enriched Clan management, and unique content creation.

Clan Wars

Clan Wars for Advanced Warfare will begin with a pre-qualifying war from November 15th - 16th. Placement during that war will determine your division ranking for the first official Clan War, scheduled from November 26th – December 1st. On the line is the gold Exo for the Clan Wars exclusive gear set.

Players who participated in the final Diamond Division Clan Wars engagement for Call of Duty®: Ghosts and met the criteria to unlock the first piece of Clan Wars gear for Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare will be able to access the Exo-skeleton on Day Zero. Congratulations!

To all Clans, from Bronze to Diamond, thank you for your participation and dedication this past year.

War Room

Your new Clan Wars experience begins with the War Room, providing a commander’s oversight of the most important Clan Wars activity. Three scrollable panels offer pertinent info on the current Clan War, previous engagements, and Top War Contributors.

Utilize the Battle Report for a quick overview of current Clan Wars activity. Tap and scroll through nodes for a detailed view of capture objectives, Clan wins, and multiplayer XP bonuses. Check the Clan Wars scoreboard to see where your Clan ranks against the competition. Review Top War Contributors to discover your most impactful members during each engagement.

Reach into the Clan Wars Vault for an archived history of past triumphs and defeats. See your final standing, accumulated Clan XP, and any earned rewards.

Active Roster

To better accommodate scheduling conflicts, we’re introducing the Active Roster. If some members of your Clan are unable to participate in an upcoming Clan War, the Clan Leader can remove those members from the Active Roster. Upon doing so, the absent members will no longer count towards the Roster count and any wins achieved by those members will not be recorded against the active war. The Clan Leader can just as easily add those members back to the Active Roster when they’re available to compete.

Clan Profile

Your Clan Profile page has been bolstered to highlight the top performing members of your Clan. Each week, we will highlight your most active member, MVP, and player with the highest KDR. Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, right?

Clan Calling Cards

Exclusive Clan Calling Cards will be supported in the game and in-app. Level up your Clan by competing in Clan Wars or playing multiplayer matches with Clan members to unlock more Clan Calling Cards.

Emblem Editor

Player Emblems are back in-game and in-app. Using our robust Clan Emblem editor, start designing your Emblem in the app while on the go, and then finish it at home on your console, or vice versa. In addition, this year, we’re giving all Clan members the ability to design and submit a Clan Emblem to their Clan Leader for approval.

See More News

    Latest Files

  • Link

    Observe our second map in our second match of the Wireplay league 2, versus BEWARE (BWR). The final score was 3/1 to FTD. For a 30 minute match, that's sure to sport some pretty good fighting action.

  • Link

    WPTF2L Season 2 vs TnS on Badlands demo

  • Link

    Source TV demo from ETF2L 2nd Season Cup final between arguably the two best clans in Europe. This is the first map of the match. Well worth a watch for tips.

  • See More Files

    Latest Clan History Entries

  • At the end of September 2008, FTD faced SSQ in the first week of one Wireplay TF2 league. While SSQ won, it was such a fun game that Golem felt the need to redon his Directors hat and dust off his copy of Vegas Pro... (Updated 9th Dec '08 13:12)
  • Andypandy had thus far done a marvellous job of keeping us busy, arranging matches and generally keepin us in good standing with other clans. Our fine friend was off to foreign shores for work and play, and so we needed to fill his giant clown-like shoes... (Updated 9th Dec '08 12:12)
  • FTD is a mature clan, and many of its members now had responsibilities aside from stuff for the clan - some even had families! Whether or not this should be legal (for the sake of humanity), it was true... (Updated 9th Dec '08 12:12)
  • See the clan's history in full

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Crash gets it on with a supply station kit
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Posted by Ragnor
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<[FTD]Golem> so that's sympotic of differing tickrates?
<[FTD]Golem> *sympomatic even, possibly
<[FTD]Golem> symptomatic?
<[FTD]Golem> symptimatic
<[FTD]Golem> symphoniatic

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MazGhost for TF2
joined 18/11/09

Ars was 38 years old
1 day ago.

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